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    "created": "2016-03-08T15:45:47Z",
    "modified": "2016-10-20T07:06:19Z",
    "public": true,
    "name": "Demirköy",
    "latitude": "37.931381000000",
    "longitude": "41.094921000000",
    "elevation": 540,
    "authorityfile_id": "",
    "description": "The site is located across the Batman Stream from the city of Batman's airport, approximately 2 km up river from the bridge that carries the new Batman-Diyarbaku road across the aforementioned river. It is situated at an altitude of ca. 540 m, on the edge of the 10 m terrace that constitutes the west bank of the Batman Stream's current tlood plain, approximately 20 km upstream from the Batman's contluence with the Tigris and ca. 40 km downstream from the site of Hallan Cemi. Surface collections made during the above-mentioned site survey and during a subsequent visit in 1993 indicated that, with the exception of a relatively minor re-occupation of the site during the Medieval period, the site dated exclusively to the Pre-Pottery Neolithic. \r\nIt was clear at the time of the survey that the Batman Stream had cut away some indeterminate but substantial part of the site at some point in the past. Based on the spatial extent of artifactual material eroding out of the river section - the bulk of the survey's initial assemblage estimates were that what remained of the site stretched for ca. 300m along the edge of the terrace, to a depth of as much as perhaps seven meters. ln contrast, the visible surface scatter was seen to extend in from the terrace edge only for a maximum distance of ca. 50 m. However, it was thought that alluvial wash from a higher and older terrace ca. 1 km further to the west was obscuring the more westerly portians of the original site surface and associated artifact scatter, and that the site likely extended further in from the river terrace than the ca. 50 m indicated by the visible surface scatter. ",
    "exact_location": "yes",
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