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    "created": "2016-03-02T19:32:32Z",
    "modified": "2016-03-16T12:10:19Z",
    "public": true,
    "name": "Gusir Höyük",
    "latitude": "37.726544000000",
    "longitude": "41.822927000000",
    "elevation": 535,
    "authorityfile_id": "",
    "description": "The mound is located beside Gusir Lake, 40km south of the city of Siirt; 2 km west of Ormanardi Village in Eruh County on the southern shore of Kavaközü Creek, a tributary of the Botan River. Gusir Lake is a sinkole fed by the waters of the Kavaközü Creek, and by the springs around it. Its western side is covered with flatlands which extend through the Botan Rier bed. In the south the terrain rises rather stieeply before descending towards the deep canyon of the Tigris River a few kilometers away. (...) The site is  in an agricultural land, its surface covered with small terraced gardens; the site has suffered from the construction of the terraced boundaries of these gardens as well as from agricultural practices. The terrace slope on the north falls in terraces towards the Kavaközü Creek, the gently sloping western and southern flanks of the mound merge with the flatlands. The east end of the mound is bounded by the steep drop into Gusir Lake. The site convers an area approximately 150m in diameter and its top is at 535m above mean sea level. Apart from a few Medieval pottery fragments unearthed on the site, all the archaeological material encountered up to now belongs to different levels of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic period, mainly to its earliest horizon. Dating (C14) - 9975 and 9600 BP.",
    "exact_location": "no",
    "number_of_activity_periods": 2,
    "comment": "Coordinates are NOT officially approved - as the site can not be found in GoogleMaps or OREA but from ( -> In comparison with the map published by Özdogan the position of the site is correct.\r\n\r\nFor information on the research under Algaze see: Velibeyoglu, J., Schachner, A. and Schachner S., 2002. 837.\r\n\r\nThe number of activity periods is not exactly defined in the text (see above).",
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