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    "created": "2016-03-03T20:26:14Z",
    "modified": "2016-07-25T09:13:52Z",
    "public": true,
    "name": "Kastelli Chanion",
    "latitude": "35.517200000000",
    "longitude": "24.019500000000",
    "elevation": null,
    "authorityfile_id": "",
    "description": "Remains of occupation (Hause 1) have been identified, as well as ceramic and obsidian. The remains are covering a time span from the Neolithic till the Middle Bronze Age. ",
    "exact_location": "yes",
    "number_of_activity_periods": 4,
    "comment": "Kastelli is a hill in the Chania town (Minoan Kydonia) where remains from Minoan period have being identified. In the text written by Alram-Stern a unique number is given for the Kastelli (103);however, in reality two different sites are mentioned: a) the Splantzia ( Lat: 35,51650, Long: 24,02170 ) and b) the Odos Kanevaro/Agia Aikaterini Square (the coordinates I am giving in this sheet is about the latter,on the basis that the text is focusing on that). Finally, I am giving the decimal number because that way it can be used in the Arc G.I.S environment to produce Maps.  \r\n\r\nP.S in the text at pages 2-4 the streets Katre, Varouchon, Plastira-Apokoronou, Tzanakaki, Parko Eirinis kai Filias are mentioned as having minoan remains. No coordinates are given for these; however, it has to be mentioned that the three later were located in a higher point. Finally, at the same area Odos Kanevaro/Agia Aikaterini and Spantzia the minoan settlement of the Late Bronze Age is also located. In that latter period tombs (single or in cemeteries have been found; no coordinates are given)\r\n\r\n   ",
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