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Total results: 3093
ID finds type site name pottery detail pottery decoration
3156 small finds tool Pınarlık
3155 pottery Pınarlık
3154 small finds tool Kerdemelik
3153 pottery Amphora Kuletepe Mevkii Handle with knob
Plastic Decoration
3152 pottery Kuletepe Mevkii Zoomorphic Handle Attachment
3151 pottery Anthropomorphic Vessel Kuletepe Mevkii Plastic Decoration
3150 pottery Cheese Pot Kuletepe Mevkii Ledge Lug
Plastic Decoration
3149 pottery Pointed beaker Kuletepe Mevkii Stringhole Lug
3148 small finds figurine Kuletepe Mevkii
3147 small finds tool Kuletepe Mevkii
3146 pottery Pointed beaker Malkayası-Cave
3145 pottery Bowl Malkayası-Cave Painted
Red on white
3144 pottery Bowl Malkayası-Cave Stringhole Lug
3143 pottery Globular Jar Malkayası-Cave Brown burnished
Plastic Decoration
3142 small finds jewellery Malkayası-Cave
3141 small finds tool Malkayası-Cave
3140 pottery Ladle Höyücek Höyük
3139 pottery Yeşilova Höyük basket handle
3138 pottery Ulucak Höyük Barbotine
3137 pottery Ulucak Höyük Burnished
3136 pottery Ladle Kuruҫay Höyük
3135 pottery Kuruҫay Höyük basket handle
3134 pottery Wide-mouthed jar Hacılar Pedestal base
3133 lithics Keçiçayırı
3132 pottery Globular Jar Keçiçayırı Dark faced burished ware (DFBW)

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