This is work in progress. The endpoint might be not working, or cause your browser to crash.

DEFC2RDF demo page

This is a demo page for providing access to an experimental SPARQL endpoint for querying (parts of) the DEFC database.

A partial mapping from DEFC's internal database schema to CIDOC-CRM was done with Karma, and with -ontop-.

Therefore OpenRDF Workbench contains two repositories:

  • defc
  • karma export

Choose the one you want to query.

Go to Explore > Saved Queries and execute examples of SPARQL queries. [go to -ontop- SPARQL queries] [go to Karma SPARQL queries]

If you want to write your own query go to Explore > Query.

Note Google Chrome is more likely to crash when executing the query so we suggest to use Mozilla Firefox for this.