3D Model 84

Main Information
Model ID 84
Finds ID 1607 pottery
Form Bowl
Part Rim/handle
Diameter 23-24 cm
Wall thickness 0,7-0,5 cm
Surface Treatment i Burnished
Surface Treatment o Burnished
Surface Color i 7.5YR 8/4 - 5YR 6/6
Surface Color o 5YR 6/4
Decoration color 5YR 2.5/1
Decoration description Interior: lines and spiral decoration filled with net pattern
Fabric color 10YR 7/3
Hardness Medium
Sorting Very well sorted
Density 5%
Pores Vesicular
Core form
Core color
Inclusion type Mica
Inclusion color Gold
5YR 2.5/1
5YR 8/1
Inclusion form Spherical
Moderate oblong
Inclusion particle size 0,03 cm
0,05 cm
0,05 cm
Inclusion frequency 1%
Inclusion hardness Hard
Inclusion (full record) Mica Gold Spherical 0,03 cm 1% Hard
Black 5YR 2.5/1 Moderate oblong 0,05 cm 1% Medium
White 5YR 8/1 Spherical 0,05 cm 3% Hard
General Metadata
Project Digitizing Early Farming Cultures | Fritz Schachermeyr pottery collection
Source | Publisher ÖAW, OREA
Contact Alram, Eva ( ÖAW, OREA )
Stuhec, Seta ( ÖAW, OREA )
Language English/German
Keywords 3D, pottery, neolithic, Thessaly
License | Access Rights CC-BY | Open access
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3D Models 3D model created by Seta Stuhec and Eva Alram in the project "Digitizing Early Farming Cultures" and are published CC-BY.
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Marco Potenziani, Marco Callieri, Matteo Dellepiane, Massimiliano Corsini, Federico Ponchio, Roberto Scopigno Computers & Graphics, Volume 52, November 2015, Pages 129-141, ISSN 0097-8493