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ID site name Region district
3 Gusir Höyük Southeastern Anatolia Siirt
4 Sumaki Höyük Southeastern Anatolia Batman
5 Kastelli Chanion Crete Chania
6 Agios Ioannis-Cave Crete Chania
7 Lera-Cave Crete Chania
8 Koumarospilio Crete Chania
9 Kalathas Akrotiriou Crete Chania
10 Nerokourou Crete Chania
11 Spiliotissa-Cave Crete Chania
12 Arkalies-Cave/Skourachladas Crete Chania
13 Samonas Crete Chania
14 Stylos Crete Chania
15 Athens Central Greece Athens
16 Sesklo Thessaly Magnesia
17 Hallan Cemi Southeastern Anatolia Batman
18 Demirköy Southeastern Anatolia Batman
19 Pyrgos Thessaly Magnesia
20 Dimini Thessaly Magnesia
21 Pevkakia Thessaly Magnesia
22 Ancient-Volos Thessaly Magnesia
23 Petromagula Thessaly Magnesia
24 Pyrasos Thessaly Magnesia
25 Phthiotic Thebes Thessaly Magnesia
26 Halos Thessaly Magnesia
27 Agios Petros Thessaly Northern Sporades

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