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ID Research type Project name
1 metal detecting survey
2 field walking survey: systematic The Tigris-Euphrates Archaeological Reconnaissance Project
3 excavation: rescue The Gusir Höyük excavation
5 excavation: rescue The Sumaki Höyük Excavation
6 excavation: research Greek-Swedish excavations, Kastelli/Chania, Plateia Agia Aikaterini
7 field walking survey: undetermined Tsilonera Kalatha/Kalathas Akrotiriou
8 field walking survey: systematic Chania-Survey
9 field walking survey: non-systematic, field walking survey: systematic Sphakia-Survey
10 excavation: research Excavations in the Athenian Agora
11 excavation: research Excavation in southern hillside of Akropolis
12 excavation: research Excavation of G. Miliadis
13 excavation: undetermined Plato's Academy excavation
14 excavation: research Sesklo
15 field walking survey: systematic Güneydogu Anadolu Projesi (GAP) - archaeological survey
16 excavation: rescue Hallan Cemi excavation
17 test pit Soundings at Demirköy
18 excavation: research Pyrgos
19 excavation: research Dimini
20 excavation: research Pevkakia
21 excavation: rescue Ancient-Volos
22 excavation: research Petromagula
23 excavation: research Pyrasos
24 excavation: research Phthiotic Theben
25 field walking survey: systematic Halos
26 excavation: research Agios Petros