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Total results: 3093
ID finds type site name Pottery detail Pottery decoration
3131 small finds jewellery Ege Gübre
3130 animal remains Ege Gübre
3129 lithics Ege Gübre
3128 small finds tool Ege Gübre
3127 small finds figurine Ege Gübre
3126 pottery Ege Gübre Impresso
Plastic Decoration
Red on white
White on red
3125 pottery Hole-mouthed jar Ege Gübre Red slipped
3124 pottery Globular Jar Ege Gübre Tubular lug
Red slipped
3123 pottery Bowl Ege Gübre Red slipped
3122 small finds jewellery Yeşilova Höyük
3121 lithics Yeşilova Höyük
3120 small finds tool Yeşilova Höyük
3119 animal remains Yeşilova Höyük
3118 pottery Globular Jar Yeşilova Höyük Stringhole Lug
3117 small finds figurine Yeşilova Höyük
3116 small finds other Yeşilova Höyük
3115 pottery Collared Jar Yeşilova Höyük Strap Handle
Tubular lug
3114 pottery Bowl Yeşilova Höyük Flaring rim
3113 pottery Hole-mouthed jar Yeşilova Höyük
3112 pottery Collared Jar Yeşilova Höyük Horned handle
3111 pottery Dome-shaped Shallow Bowl Yeşilova Höyük Horned handle
Ledge Lug
3110 pottery Carinated Bowl with inverted rim Yeşilova Höyük
3109 animal remains Ulucak Höyük
3108 animal remains Ulucak Höyük
3107 botany Ulucak Höyük

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