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Total results: 3093
ID finds type site name pottery detail pottery decoration
38 small finds jewellery Sumaki Höyük
39 pottery Athens
40 lithics Athens
41 small finds figurine Sumaki Höyük
46 pottery Hole-mouthed jar Sumaki Höyük
37 small finds tool Sumaki Höyük
47 pottery Shallow Bowl Sumaki Höyük
48 pottery Bowl Sumaki Höyük
50 small finds figurine Sesklo
51 small finds jewellery Sesklo
52 small finds tool Sesklo
53 animal remains Sesklo
54 lithics Sumaki Höyük
62 None Hallan Cemi
63 small finds jewellery Demirköy
64 small finds tool Demirköy
66 lithics Demirköy
55 small finds tool Sumaki Höyük
56 small finds jewellery Sumaki Höyük
57 small finds tool Hallan Cemi
67 small finds figurine Pyrgos
69 small finds jewellery Demirköy
70 small finds tool Pyrgos
71 small finds figurine Demirköy
74 animal remains Demirköy

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