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Total results: 3093
ID finds type site name pottery detail pottery decoration
75 animal remains Demirköy
76 pottery Collared Jar Sesklo
78 pottery Dimini Bowl Dimini
82 small finds jewellery Dimini
83 small finds figurine Dimini
58 lithics tool Hallan Cemi
59 animal remains Hallan Cemi
60 botany Hallan Cemi
68 small finds tool Demirköy
72 pottery Demirköy
84 animal remains Dimini
85 botany Dimini
87 small finds tool Pevkakia
90 pottery Scoop Pevkakia
91 small finds figurine Pevkakia
92 animal remains Pevkakia
93 botany Pevkakia
97 small finds tool Petromagula
98 small finds jewellery Petromagula
99 animal remains Petromagula
100 pottery Dimini Bowl Pyrasos
73 botany Demirköy
104 small finds tool Halos
110 small finds figurine Agios Petros
111 small finds figurine Agios Petros

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