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Total results: 307
ID research type project name
259 excavation: rescue, excavation: research Leros/Partheni
146 excavation: research Lianokladi/Paleomilos
210 excavation: rescue Limenaria
209 field observation (monitoring) Limenaria Tsines mines
144 field walking survey: systematic Lokris Survey
89 field walking survey: systematic Lower Euphrates Bassin Survey 1977
217 field walking survey: undetermined Macedonia Survey
293 borehole survey, field walking survey: systematic, geophysical survey: magnetic, trial trench Madra River Delta Projekt
79 excavation: research Makri
201 excavation: rescue, excavation: research Makrigialos
28 excavation: research Makrychori
77 excavation: research, trial trench Makrychori 2
100 excavation: research Malia
101 field walking survey: undetermined Malia Plain/Hagia Barbara Bay Survey
184 excavation: research Mandalo
103 excavation: research Mantineia
48 excavation: research Marathon
297 trial trench Marmarini
226 excavation: research Maroneia-Cave
238 field observation (monitoring) Maroula
151 excavation: rescue Mati Domokou
262 excavation: research Mavro Avlaki Excavation
303 excavation: research Megali Vryssi Tirnavos
33 excavation: undetermined Melidoni-Cave, "Hall of the Heroes"
221 antiquarian observation, field observation (monitoring) Melissa