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Total results: 307
ID research type project name
299 test pit Gentiki
32 field walking survey: undetermined Gavdos Suryey, University of Crete and 25. Ephorie (Chania)
268 field walking survey: systematic Galatas Survey Project
85 borehole survey, excavation: research, geophysical survey: magnetic, geophysical survey: radar Franchthi-Cave
10 excavation: research Excavations in the Athenian Agora
12 excavation: research Excavation of G. Miliadis
11 excavation: research Excavation in southern hillside of Akropolis
130 field walking survey: systematic Euboia Survey
134 excavation: research Eretria
160 excavation: research Ephyra/Necromanteion
152 field walking survey: undetermined Enipeus Valley Survey
251 excavation: research Emporio
312 excavation: rescue, excavation: research Ege Gübre
121 field walking survey: undetermined East Coast of Boiotia
169 field observation (monitoring) Drosia
162 excavation: research Dispilio
220 antiquarian observation, field observation (monitoring) Diomedeia
207 excavation: research Dimitra
19 excavation: research Dimini
102 field walking survey: systematic Dikte Mountains Plateau Survey
206 borehole survey, excavation: research, geological research Dikili Tash
64 field walking survey: systematic Detailed surface survey at Salat Cemi Yani
83 excavation: research Dendra
309 trial trench Dedecik-Heybelitepe
308 excavation: rescue, excavation: research, test pit Çukuriçi Höyük