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Total results: 307
ID Research type Project name
10 excavation: research Excavations in the Athenian Agora
85 borehole survey, excavation: research, geophysical survey: magnetic, geophysical survey: radar Franchthi-Cave
268 field walking survey: systematic Galatas Survey Project
32 field walking survey: undetermined Gavdos Suryey, University of Crete and 25. Ephorie (Chania)
299 test pit Gentiki
183 excavation: research Giannitsa B
180 antiquarian observation, field observation (monitoring) Giannitsa Plain
128 excavation: research Glypha/Psachna
166 excavation: research Gournia Excavation
165 field walking survey: systematic, geological research Gournia-Project
97 excavation: undetermined Greek-Italian Collaboration, Nerokourou/St. George Monastery
6 excavation: research Greek-Swedish excavations, Kastelli/Chania, Plateia Agia Aikaterini
244 excavation: rescue Grotta
258 excavation: research, field observation (monitoring) Gyali
15 field walking survey: systematic Güneydogu Anadolu Projesi (GAP) - archaeological survey
304 excavation: research Hacılar
301 excavation: research Hadzimissiotiki Magula
139 excavation: rescue Hagios Charalambos Cave
88 excavation: research Halieis
16 excavation: rescue Hallan Cemi excavation
25 field walking survey: systematic Halos
306 excavation: research Höyücek
49 excavation: research Idaean Cave
143 excavation: research Kalapodi
114 antiquarian observation Kalavryta Region