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Total results: 307
ID research type project name
105 field walking survey: undetermined The Laconia Survey
106 excavation: research Alepotrypa-Cave
107 field walking survey: undetermined Koumbeleiki-Cave
108 excavation: research Nichoria
109 antiquarian observation Schiza
110 trial trench Nestor-Cave
111 excavation: research Voidokilia
112 excavation: rescue Koufiero-Cave
113 excavation: rescue, excavation: research Agios Dimitrios
114 antiquarian observation Kalavryta Region
115 antiquarian observation Kertezi
116 excavation: research Chaironeia
117 excavation: research Spilia tou Sarakinou
118 excavation: research Panakton
119 excavation: rescue The Euphrates Project
120 field walking survey: undetermined Chostia
121 field walking survey: undetermined East Coast of Boiotia
122 geological research Kephissos-Kopais-Valley
123 antiquarian observation Plataiai
124 antiquarian observation Theben/Toumpi
125 field walking survey: systematic The Cambridge/Bradford Boeotian Expedition
126 field walking survey: systematic Skourta Plain
127 trial trench Varka/Psachna
128 excavation: research Glypha/Psachna
129 excavation: research, field walking survey: systematic Tharrounia and Skoteini-Cave