Area 23

Main Information
Area ID 23
Site Sesklo
Area type settlement
Area NR
Period Thessaly/Reingruber: Early Neolithic: 'Protosesklo'
Dating method material culture
radiocarbon dating
Radiocarbon dated yes
Earliest date: Lab Number
Earliest date: 14C age (BP)
Earliest date: Calibration None
Earliest date: 14C age calibrated (BC)
Earliest date: Date of calibration None
Earliest date: Standard deviation None
Earliest date: Delta 13C None
Earliest date: Dated by ceramics
Latest date: Lab Number
Latest date: 14C age (BP)
Latest date: Calibration None
Latest date: 14C age calibrated (BC)
Latest date: Date of calibration None
Latest date: Standard deviation None
Latest date: Delta 13C None
Latest date: Dated by ceramics
Period Reference Liritzis Y., Galloway R.B., Thermoluminiscence dating of Neolithic Sesklo and Dimini, Thessaly,, 1980,
Wijnen M.H.J.M.N., The Early Neolithic I Settlement at Sesklo. An Early Farming Community, 1981, Leiden
Settlement type tell
Settlement structure
Settlement building type
Settlement building shape circular
Settlement building technique mud brick
stone socket
Settlement archaeological features fireplace
Cave/rockshelters type None
Cave/rockshelters: Evidence of graves/human remains
Cave/rockshelters: Evidence of occupation
Quarry exploitation type None
Quarry raw material
Cemetery/graves topography
Cemetery/graves mortuary features
Grave: number of graves 1
Grave type pit grave
Grave: type of human remains inhumation
Grave: estimated number of individuals 1
Grave: age groups adult
Grave: sexes
Grave: number of female sex None
Grave: number of male sex None
Grave: number of not specified sex None
Grave: disturbance of graves
Description Skeleton in crouched position without offerings. It is probably the first funeral found in Thessaly for the Early Neolithic I Period.
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