Area 67

Main Information
Area ID 67
Site Otzaki Magoula
Area type settlement
Area NR
Period Thessaly/Reingruber: Middle Neolithic: 'Sesklo' 5800 - 5400
Dating method material culture
Radiocarbon dated None
Earliest date: Lab Number
Earliest date: 14C age (BP) None
Earliest date: Calibration None
Earliest date: 14C age calibrated (BC) None
Earliest date: Date of calibration None
Earliest date: Standard deviation None
Earliest date: Delta 13C None
Earliest date: Dated by
Latest date: Lab Number
Latest date: 14C age (BP) None
Latest date: Calibration None
Latest date: 14C age calibrated (BC) None
Latest date: Date of calibration None
Latest date: Standard deviation None
Latest date: Delta 13C None
Latest date: Dated by
Period Reference
Settlement type tell
Settlement structure houses: agglutinated
Settlement building type megaron
Settlement building shape rectangular
Settlement building technique mud brick
timber-frame construction
wattle and daub
Settlement archaeological features hearth
post hole
storage building
Cave/rockshelters type None
Cave/rockshelters: Evidence of graves/human remains
Cave/rockshelters: Evidence of occupation
Quarry exploitation type None
Quarry raw material
Cemetery/graves topography
Cemetery/graves mortuary features
Grave: number of graves
Grave type
Grave: type of human remains
Grave: estimated number of individuals
Grave: age groups
Grave: sexes
Grave: number of female sex None
Grave: number of male sex None
Grave: number of not specified sex None
Grave: disturbance of graves
Description The buildings are separated by narrow passages and open spaces. It is noteworthy that the construction of a new building took always place at the same location as a previous building. That leads to the assumption that there must have been some fixed property lines. Some of the buildings had two antae in front of the entrace which could have been used as bases for posts for the roof construction.
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