Area 827

Main Information
Area ID 827
Site Göllü Dağ
Area type undefined
Area NR
Period Anatolia: Pre-Pottery Neolithic A 10200 - 8800
Anatolia: Pre-Pottery Neolithic B 8800 - 7000
Anatolia: Pre-Pottery Neolithic C
Anatolia: Early Neolithic 7000 - 6600
Anatolia: Middle Neolithic
Anatolia: Late Neolithic 6600 - 6000
Dating method none recorded
Radiocarbon dated None
Earliest date: Lab Number
Earliest date: 14C age (BP) None
Earliest date: Calibration None
Earliest date: 14C age calibrated (BC) None
Earliest date: Date of calibration None
Earliest date: Standard deviation None
Earliest date: Delta 13C None
Earliest date: Dated by
Latest date: Lab Number
Latest date: 14C age (BP) None
Latest date: Calibration None
Latest date: 14C age calibrated (BC) None
Latest date: Date of calibration None
Latest date: Standard deviation None
Latest date: Delta 13C None
Latest date: Dated by
Period Reference Özdoğan, Mehmet, The Neolithic in Turkey. New Excavations & New Research. Central Turkey, None, None
Balkan-Atli, N., Binder, D., , Neolithic Obsidian Workshop at Kömürcü-Kaletepe (Central Anatolia) Istanbul 2012, None, None
Comment It is only mentioned that the obsidian sources were used in the Neolithic
Settlement type None
Settlement structure
Settlement building type
Settlement building shape
Settlement building technique
Settlement archaeological features
Cave/rockshelters type None
Cave/rockshelters: Evidence of graves/human remains
Cave/rockshelters: Evidence of occupation
Quarry exploitation type None
Quarry raw material
Cemetery/graves topography
Cemetery/graves mortuary features
Grave: number of graves
Grave type
Grave: type of human remains
Grave: estimated number of individuals
Grave: age groups
Grave: sexes
Grave: number of female sex None
Grave: number of male sex None
Grave: number of not specified sex None
Grave: disturbance of graves
Description This area is an obsidian workshop that was used in the Neolithic. It contains several obsidian flows.
Location of the Site