Finds 439

Main Information
Finds ID 439
Site Cafer Höyük
Area ID 174 settlement
Research event excavation: rescue Cafer Höyük (Malatya) 1979 - 1986
Finds type lithics
Small finds category None
Small finds type
Botany species
Animal remains species
Animal remains completeness None
Animal remains part
Lithics technology Direct percussion
Pressure technique
Lithics industry Blade industry
Flake industry
Microlithic industry
Lithics cores and preparation Bullet core
Lithics retouched tools Backed bladelet
End-scraper on blade
End-scraper on flake
Projectile point
Retouched blade
Sickle blade
Lithics unretouched tools Bladelet
Lithics raw material Flint
Obsidian Yes
Obsidian amount 0
Pottery form
Pottery detail
Pottery decoration
Pottery type None
Material flint
Confidence 2
Comment Projectile points appear to be mainly of "Byblos point" type. A large oval point in flint shows the typically "PPNB" retouch technique known as the "Abou Gosh". There are also little pedunculate points in obsidian with complete or partial backs which are called "Cafer point".
Interpretations related to these Finds
Interpretation ID 94