Finds 46

Main Information
Finds ID 46
Site Sumaki Höyük
Area ID 19 settlement
Research event excavation: rescue The Sumaki Höyük Excavation 2007
Finds type pottery
Small finds category None
Small finds type
Botany species
Animal remains species
Animal remains completeness None
Animal remains part
Lithics technology
Lithics industry
Lithics cores and preparation
Lithics retouched tools
Lithics unretouched tools
Lithics raw material
Obsidian None
Obsidian amount None
Pottery form Hole-mouthed jar
Pottery detail
Pottery decoration
Pottery type None
Confidence 5
Comment Dark Faced Burnished (DFBW) and mineral (mainly basalt) - tempered wares. The DFBW is mainly made of fine and compacted clay with a variety of inclusions. Whether the inclusions were intentionally added or not is not yet clear. The pots were well-fired with black or dark grey cores. Their exterior surfaces are buff to brown or grey to dark grey, sometimes mottled in color, and always well-burnished.
Interpretations related to these Finds
Interpretation ID 37