Finds 66

Main Information
Finds ID 66
Site Demirköy
Area ID 26 settlement
Research event test pit Soundings at Demirköy 1997 - 2000
Finds type lithics
Small finds category None
Small finds type
Botany species
Animal remains species
Animal remains completeness None
Animal remains part
Lithics technology
Lithics industry Blade industry
Flake industry
Lithics cores and preparation
Lithics retouched tools Projectile point
Retouched blade
Lithics unretouched tools
Lithics raw material Flint
Obsidian Yes
Obsidian amount 9
Pottery form
Pottery detail
Pottery decoration
Pottery type None
Material flint
Confidence 5
Comment Most characteristic chipped stone artifacts types from Hallan Cemi (e.g. scalene geometrics and projectile points) are all also present at Demirköy. Consistent with expectations about temporal trends, projectile points, are much more common at Demirköy than at Hallan Cemi. Sickle blades and lunate geometrics are also more common, although scalenes still constitute the largest part of the geometric component. However, the frequency of obsidian relative to flint drops at Demirköy (as compared to Hallan Cemi) from ca. 58% to ca. 9% by total count and ca. 32% to ca. 2% by total weight.