Research Event 286

Main Information
Research Event ID 286
Research type excavation: research
field walking survey: systematic
trial trench
Institution İstanbul Üniversitesi - Arkeoloji Bölümü - Prehistorya Kürsüsü
Year of activity: start year 1996
Year of activity: end year 2004
Project name Musular Excavation
Project id
Project leader
Special analysis
Comment In the systematic surface collection, finds were collected from 2790 units, each 2 x 2 m, over an area of more than 11 000 m². Collected was obsidian, animal bones, ground stones, architectural finds (red painted lime plaster pieces), pottery, miscellanea (shells, beads, etc.). The material was concentrated in two areas (in the lower, flat northern part; in the relatively higher southern section). Test trenches were made in the north, and later in the south as well. The excavations continued until 2004, but there was a break in season 2002.
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