Research Event 289

Main Information
Research Event ID 289
Research type excavation: undetermined
field walking survey: undetermined
Year of activity: start year 2006
Year of activity: end year 2009
Project name Boncuklu-Project
Project id
Project leader
Special analysis animal remains report
archaeobotany: macro-botany
Comment major goals: document the appearance of sedentary, cultivating and herding communities in Central Anatolia --> develop understandings of/explanations for early appearance of these phenomena; also, investigation of antecedents of Çatalhöyük. In the three weeks of season 2006 in Boncuklu a topographic survey, surface collections, section cutting, soundings and the scraping of three 5 x 5 m areas took place (H, K, M). Two of the scraped areas were excavated, and material from the 9th/8th millennium was found right under the disturbed surface deposits. Area X was excavated down through deposits adjacent to the bulldozed SW edge of the mound. In 2007-2009 the excavations continued and expanded (Areas H, K, M),and two more areas were surface scraped (Areas N, O); also Area Y, ca 30 m from the SW bulldozed edge of the mound, was excavated to investigate off-site activities. Eleni Asouti and Richard Chiverrell (University of Liverpool) commenced geoarchaeological work, e.g. they cored sediments around the mound, sediments in the Hotamiş Lake bed, and several fan deposits on the edge of the slopes of the Bozdağ hills (northern of the site).
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