Research Event 290

Main Information
Research Event ID 290
Research type excavation: research
field observation (monitoring)
field walking survey: systematic
satellite imaging
Year of activity: start year 1995
Year of activity: end year 2002
Project name Konya Plain Survey Project
Project id
Project leader Baird, D.
Special analysis
Comment In 1995 a regional survey was undertaken to primarily put Çatalhöyük into its historical context. 15 tell sites were located within the 12x10km area northeast of Çatalhöyük, and field-walking revealed five more sites. In 1996 remote sensing and satellite imagery took place. By 1997 the survey area comprised approximately 450 km² of land around the Çarşamba alluvial fan, and 74 sites had been identified. In 2000 the western edge of the Konya plain was surveyed intensively.