Research Event 81

Main Information
Research Event ID 81
Research type excavation: rescue
Institution Diyarbakır Archaeological Museum
Year of activity: start year 1991
Year of activity: end year 1991
Project name The Huzur-Yayvantepe Excavations
Project id
Project leader Caneva, I.
Special analysis
Comment The short salvage excavation was carried out on the site in August 1991, in collaboration with the Diyarbakir Museum, under the scientific supervision of Isabella Caneva. The investigations, toghether with the surface survey carried out in the region in the previous season, were intended to complement the researc carried out at Cayönü. The operations were planned as part of the activities of the long-term South-East Anatolian Joint Prehistoric Project, which focused on both the excavations at Cayönü and the reconstruction of the natural and cultural surroundings of the settlement. More substantial field activities in the site, planned for subsequent campaigns, had to be postponed and finally were never carried out.
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