Site Hallan Cemi

Main Information
Site ID 17
Name of the site Hallan Cemi
Alias name
Alternative name
District Batman
Region Southeastern Anatolia
Country Turkey
Period Anatolia Pre-Pottery Neolithic A 10200 - 8800
Description Hallan Cemi is located in Batman Province, ca. 50 km north of the city of Batman. lt is a small stratified mound situated on the west bank of the Sason Stream, a tributary of the Batman Stream, which in turn is a tributary of the Tigris River (Fig. 1 ). lt is approximately 4,3 m in height and covers an area of less than 5 ha. At least four pre-pottery building Ievels are known to exist, but only three were excavated to any meaningful degree before work at the site had to cease. A recent series of 16 accelerator dates (OxA 12298-99, 12328-41) confirm that the site was occupied for a few hundred years toward the end of the 11th millennium BP in C14 years (mid 10th millennium cal. BC).
Topography None
Geographical Coordinate Reference System WGS84 - World Geodetic System 1984
Latitude 38.223929000000
Longitude 41.241661000000
Elevation None
Exact location yes
Coordinate source OREA
Number of activity periods 3
Location of the Site

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Areas in this Site
ID 25 settlement Anatolia Pre-Pottery Neolithic A 10200 - 8800