Site Eileithyia-Cave

Main Information
Site ID 429
Name of the site Eileithyia-Cave
Alias name
Alternative name
District Central Crete (Heraklio)
Region Crete
Country Greece
Period Crete/Evans, Vagnetti Final Neolithic 3700 - 2900
Description The cave lies about 1 km south of Amnisos in central Crete. It was reexamined in 1992 by P. Betancourt and N. Marinatos.Evidence for use from the Neolithic till the Early Bronze Age; ceramics, selas, larnaces-pithoi and figurines have been found.
Topography mountain top
Geographical Coordinate Reference System WGS84 - World Geodetic System 1984
Latitude 35.324444000000
Longitude 25.205278000000
Elevation None
Exact location yes
Coordinate source Google maps
Number of activity periods None
Location of the Site

Areas in this Site
ID 557 cave or rockshelter Crete/Evans, Vagnetti Final Neolithic 3700 - 2900