Site Pınarbaşı B

Main Information
Site ID 667
Name of the site Pınarbaşı B
Alias name
Alternative name
District Konya
Region Central Anatolia
Country Turkey
Period Anatolia Pre-Pottery Neolithic A 10200 - 8800
Anatolia Pre-Pottery Neolithic B 8800 - 7000
Anatolia Middle Neolithic
Anatolia Late Neolithic 6600 - 6000
Description This site lies in the Province of Konya, about 24,5 km away from Çatalhöyük, at the end of a promontory of limestone hills (Bozdağ), that projects northwest of the Karadağ, a volcanic massif. It is situated in an embayment at the northwest tip of the Bozdağ, facing to the west. A series of rock shelters and caves are situated against the limestone cliffs; in the northernmost rock shelter was trench B. A talus was descending from the west to the cliff face, built up of colluvium and remains from the Early Bronze Age and Roman-Byzantine occupation, with terraces of the Hellenistic-Byzantine (?) settlement and agriculture of various periods. At the foot of this deposit was a small promontory that projected into the surrounding lake, marsh and spring areas (immediately to the north, west and south --> the recently dried up Lake Hotamış ). The major spring of the site was at the south side of the promontory. The site was occupied in the Epi-Paleolithic, the 9th and 7th millennium cal. BC, the Early Bronze Age and in the Roman/Byzantine period.
Topography hillside
Geographical Coordinate Reference System WGS84 - World Geodetic System 1984
Latitude 37.493889000000
Longitude 33.019170000000
Elevation None
Exact location yes
Coordinate source OREA
Number of activity periods None
Location of the Site

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Areas in this Site
ID 807 settlement Anatolia Pre-Pottery Neolithic A 10200 - 8800
Anatolia Pre-Pottery Neolithic B 8800 - 7000
ID 808 cave or rockshelter Anatolia Middle Neolithic
Anatolia Late Neolithic 6600 - 6000