Site Nessonis I

Main Information
Site ID 913
Name of the site Nessonis I
Alias name Tzami Magoula
Alternative name Nesson 1
District Larissa
Region Thessaly
Country Greece
Period Thessaly/Reingruber Early Neolithic: 'Protosesklo' 6500 - 6000
Topography plain
Geographical Coordinate Reference System None
Latitude 39.715555600000
Longitude 22.520000000000
Elevation None
Exact location yes
Coordinate source Gallis, K. 1992. Atlas proistorikón oikismón tés anatolikés Thessalikés pediadas.
Number of activity periods None
Location of the Site

Areas in this Site
ID 1050 undefined Thessaly/Reingruber Early Neolithic: 'Protosesklo' 6500 - 6000