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Total results: 3093
ID finds type site name Pottery detail Pottery decoration
15 small finds Agios Ioannis-Cave
13 lithics Agios Ioannis-Cave
11 small finds jewellery Agios Ioannis-Cave
16 pottery Bowl Lera-Cave
293 pottery Carinated Bowl Lera-Cave Flat base
276 pottery Lera-Cave Strap handle
288 pottery Funnel-necked Jar Lera-Cave Scored
290 pottery Funnel-necked Jar Lera-Cave Pointillé decoration
294 pottery Jar Lera-Cave Everted rim
Flat base
118 pottery Lera-Cave
292 pottery Bowl Lera-Cave Everted rim
Flat base
295 pottery Carinated Jar Lera-Cave Flat base
18 pottery Kalathas Akrotiriou
481 pottery Bowl Nerokourou Double-horned Wishbone Handle
Strap handle
Wishbone handle
482 pottery Baking Pan Nerokourou
483 pottery Nerokourou Incised
Incised-Pointillé decoration
19 lithics Nerokourou
20 small finds tool Nerokourou
27 pottery Nerokourou
24 small finds figurine Nerokourou
30 small finds Arkalies-Cave/Skourachladas
29 pottery Arkalies-Cave/Skourachladas
28 animal remains Arkalies-Cave/Skourachladas
31 pottery Stylos
34 pottery Athens Monochrome burnished

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