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Total results: 3093
ID finds type site name Pottery detail Pottery decoration
2247 pottery Çine-Tepecik Höyüğü Mushroom handle
2592 small finds tool Kephalovrysso 1
1209 small finds tool Kouphota-Cave
2769 lithics Moschochori 3
1283 small finds tool Kastelli
2148 pottery Jug Dedecik-Heybelitepe Rounded base
Strap Handle
2847 pottery Karatzaria Magoula
2961 small finds tool Phalanni 3
276 pottery Lera-Cave Strap handle
1789 lithics Ilbiz
2813 pottery Besikia 1 Magoula Foot
437 pottery Halieis
2848 small finds tool Karatzaria Magoula
2310 pottery Globular Jar Ilıpınar Strap Handle
2409 pottery Jug Vathy-Cave on Kalymnos
2024 lithics Boncuklu
1070 pottery Ayia Irini on Keos
3081 small finds jewellery Ulucak Höyük
496 animal remains Trapeza-Cave
2265 pottery Bağbaşı Ledge Lug
2737 small finds tool Karaikia 4 Magoula
2285 pottery Cup Kuruҫay Höyük Strap Handle
2026 small finds other Boncuklu
3140 pottery Ladle Höyücek Höyük
847 None Toumba Leptokarya A

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