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Total results: 3093
ID finds type site name Pottery detail Pottery decoration
174 botany Achilleion
179 small finds tool Achilleion
172 small finds figurine Achilleion
180 small finds jewellery Achilleion
171 pottery Globular Jar Achilleion Flat Base
Tab Handle
176 animal remains Achilleion
169 pottery Bowl Achilleion Flat Base
Monochrome undecorated (B1)
Red on white (A3ß)
170 pottery Bowl Achilleion Flat Base
Black burnished “Larisa” (Γ1α; A5α/γ)
Impresso (A2)
Monochrome undecorated (B1)
Red on white (A3ß)
241 pottery Scoop Aegina Strap handle
239 pottery Bowl Aegina Monochrome burnished
Pattern burnished
242 pottery Baking Pan Aegina
240 pottery Globular Jar Aegina Coarse
Plastic Decoration
243 small finds tool Aegina
1844 pottery Agia 1
632 small finds tool Agia Anna/Zoungleika
631 pottery Agia Anna/Zoungleika
1338 pottery Agia Kyriaki
1339 small finds tool Agia Kyriaki
1325 pottery Agia Kyriaki Polished
214 pottery Bowl Agia Marina - Varkiza Monochrome Urfirnis
Monochrome burnished
215 small finds tool Agia Marina - Varkiza
679 pottery Agia Paraskevi
680 small finds tool Agia Paraskevi
161 animal remains Agia Sofia
160 pottery Agia Sofia Black and red on white (polychrome) (Β3γ)
Black and white on red (polychrome) (Β3β)
Black burnished “Larisa” (Γ1α; A5α/γ)
Incised (B2)
Incised (Γ2)
White on red (Β3α1)

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