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Total results: 3093
ID finds type site name pottery detail pottery decoration
1255 pottery Ziros (Lamnoni L23A) Polished
1256 small finds jewellery Ziros (Lamnoni L23A)
1258 small finds tool Ziros (Katelionas KS3)
1257 small finds figurine Ziros (Katelionas K130A)
1100 pottery Zas-Cave on Naxos Elephant Lug
Black burnished
Pattern burnished
Pointillé decoration
Red burnished
1101 pottery Bowl Zas-Cave on Naxos Rolled rim
Tubular lug
Monochrome burnished
1102 pottery Jar Zas-Cave on Naxos Monochrome
Red burnished
1103 small finds tool Zas-Cave on Naxos
1104 lithics Zas-Cave on Naxos
1105 small finds other Zas-Cave on Naxos
1106 small finds figurine Zas-Cave on Naxos
1107 animal remains Zas-Cave on Naxos
1108 botany Zas-Cave on Naxos
2545 pottery Zappeio 3 White on red (A3α)
2546 small finds figurine Zappeio 3
2547 lithics Zappeio 3
2548 small finds tool Zappeio 3
2535 pottery Zappeio 1 White on red (A3α)
2536 small finds figurine Zappeio 1
2537 small finds jewellery Zappeio 1
2538 lithics Zappeio 1
2539 small finds tool Zappeio 1
1235 pottery Zakro (hinterland)
2196 pottery Yeşilova Höyük Pattern burnished
2197 pottery Yeşilova Höyük Elongated prong handle with knob

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