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Total results: 307
ID Research type Project name
256 excavation: research Alimnia/Kastro
257 excavation: research, field observation (monitoring) Charkadiko-Cave
258 excavation: research, field observation (monitoring) Gyali
259 excavation: rescue, excavation: research Leros/Partheni
260 excavation: research Kephala Petras Settlement Excavation
261 excavation: research Pelekita-Cave Excavation
262 excavation: research Mavro Avlaki Excavation
263 field walking survey: systematic Minoan Roads Survey
264 field walking survey: systematic Lamnoni and Katelionas basins
265 field walking survey: undetermined Praisos Survey
266 - Knossos Urban Landscape Project
267 field walking survey: undetermined Pediada-Survey
268 field walking survey: systematic Galatas Survey Project
269 excavation: undetermined Agios Nikolaos/Gazi Excavation
270 excavation: research Knossos Throne-Room/South-West Wing/West-Court
271 excavation: research, petrological research
272 excavation: undetermined Prinias Excavation
273 field walking survey: systematic Phaistos-Survey
274 field walking survey: non-systematic, field walking survey: systematic Kommos-Survey
275 excavation: research Kommos Excavation
276 field walking survey: systematic, geological research Ayio Pharango-Region Survey
277 field walking survey: systematic Moni Odigitria-Survey
278 field walking survey: undetermined Tis Chatzinas to Liophyto-Survey
279 excavation: research Phaistos Excavation
280 excavation: research Phaistos Excavation