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Total results: 307
ID research type project name
21 excavation: rescue Ancient-Volos
294 excavation: research, field walking survey: systematic Arapi Magoula
93 field walking survey: non-systematic, field walking survey: systematic Archaeological Survey of the Southern Argolid
158 field walking survey: undetermined Archontaria-Cave
38 excavation: research Argissa
84 excavation: research Argos
69 excavation: rescue, excavation: research Aria
30 excavation: research Artesianon
96 field walking survey: systematic Asea Valley Survey
284 excavation: rescue Aşıklı Project
285 excavation: research Aşıklı Project 2
71 excavation: research Asine
54 excavation: research Atsipades peak sanctuary
235 excavation: research Ayia Irini
276 field walking survey: systematic, geological research Ayio Pharango-Region Survey
171 excavation: research Azoria Excavation
307 excavation: research Bademağacı Höyük
295 excavation: rescue Bakla Tepe
86 field walking survey: systematic Berbati-LImnes Archaeological Survey
289 excavation: undetermined, field walking survey: undetermined Boncuklu-Project
92 excavation: rescue Cafer Höyük (Malatya)
116 excavation: research Chaironeia
8 field walking survey: systematic Chania-Survey
257 excavation: research, field observation (monitoring) Charkadiko-Cave
156 field walking survey: undetermined Choirospilia-Cave