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Total results: 307
ID Research type Project name
289 excavation: undetermined, field walking survey: undetermined Boncuklu-Project
97 excavation: undetermined Greek-Italian Collaboration, Nerokourou/St. George Monastery
50 excavation: undetermined Rhamnous
13 excavation: undetermined Plato's Academy excavation
192 excavation: undetermined Theriospelio/Kolonospilio/Agriospelio Cave
272 excavation: undetermined Prinias Excavation
269 excavation: undetermined Agios Nikolaos/Gazi Excavation
43 excavation: undetermined Krannon/Girlenia
189 excavation: undetermined Chrysokamino Excavation
68 antiquarian observation, excavation: undetermined Nafplio/Lophos Karapavlo
33 excavation: undetermined Melidoni-Cave, "Hall of the Heroes"
67 antiquarian observation, excavation: undetermined Nafplio/Koutsouria
117 excavation: research Spilia tou Sarakinou
116 excavation: research Chaironeia
31 excavation: research Theopetra-Cave
60 excavation: research Corinth
113 excavation: rescue, excavation: research Agios Dimitrios
30 excavation: research Artesianon
111 excavation: research Voidokilia
58 excavation: research Ägina
168 excavation: research Katalimata/Monastiraki Excavation
193 excavation: research Pseira Minoan City/Cemetery
57 excavation: research Thorikos
29 excavation: research Prodromos
108 excavation: research Nichoria