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Total results: 307
ID Research type Project name
215 excavation: research, field walking survey: undetermined Promachon/Topolnitza
175 excavation: research, field walking survey: systematic, trial trench Aliakmon Plain
213 excavation: research Amphipolis Region/Hellenistic cemetery
211 excavation: research Toumba Dramas/Arkadiko
178 excavation: research Sarantovryses
182 excavation: research Nea Nikomedeia
183 excavation: research Giannitsa B
184 excavation: research Mandalo
269 excavation: undetermined Agios Nikolaos/Gazi Excavation
67 antiquarian observation, excavation: undetermined Nafplio/Koutsouria
50 excavation: undetermined Rhamnous
13 excavation: undetermined Plato's Academy excavation
192 excavation: undetermined Theriospelio/Kolonospilio/Agriospelio Cave
189 excavation: undetermined Chrysokamino Excavation
43 excavation: undetermined Krannon/Girlenia
97 excavation: undetermined Greek-Italian Collaboration, Nerokourou/St. George Monastery
272 excavation: undetermined Prinias Excavation
33 excavation: undetermined Melidoni-Cave, "Hall of the Heroes"
289 excavation: undetermined, field walking survey: undetermined Boncuklu-Project
68 antiquarian observation, excavation: undetermined Nafplio/Lophos Karapavlo
243 field observation (monitoring), field walking survey: systematic Obsidian Production on Melos
169 field observation (monitoring) Drosia
180 antiquarian observation, field observation (monitoring) Giannitsa Plain
185 field observation (monitoring) Agrosykia
209 field observation (monitoring) Limenaria Tsines mines