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ID Research type Project name
77 excavation: research, trial trench Makrychori 2
78 excavation: research, trial trench Proskinites
79 excavation: research Makri
80 excavation: rescue The Hakemi Use Excavations
81 excavation: rescue The Huzur-Yayvantepe Excavations
82 excavation: research Tiryns
83 excavation: research Dendra
84 excavation: research Argos
85 borehole survey, excavation: research, geophysical survey: magnetic, geophysical survey: radar Franchthi-Cave
86 field walking survey: systematic Berbati-LImnes Archaeological Survey
87 excavation: research The Cayönü Excavations
88 excavation: research Halieis
89 field walking survey: systematic Lower Euphrates Bassin Survey 1977
92 excavation: rescue Cafer Höyük (Malatya)
93 field walking survey: non-systematic, field walking survey: systematic Archaeological Survey of the Southern Argolid
94 excavation: research Agiorgitika
95 excavation: research Sphakovouni
96 field walking survey: systematic Asea Valley Survey
97 excavation: undetermined Greek-Italian Collaboration, Nerokourou/St. George Monastery
99 excavation: research Urfa-Project
100 excavation: research Malia
101 field walking survey: undetermined Malia Plain/Hagia Barbara Bay Survey
102 field walking survey: systematic Dikte Mountains Plateau Survey
103 excavation: research Mantineia
104 excavation: research Kouphovouno