Area 113

Main Information
Area ID 113
Site Corinth
Area type settlement
Area NR
Period Central and Southern Greece, Cyclades/Alram-Stern 1996: Middle Neolithic
Central and Southern Greece, Cyclades/Alram-Stern 1996: Late Neolithic I
Dating method material culture
Radiocarbon dated no
Earliest date: Lab Number
Earliest date: 14C age (BP)
Earliest date: Calibration None
Earliest date: 14C age calibrated (BC)
Earliest date: Date of calibration None
Earliest date: Standard deviation None
Earliest date: Delta 13C None
Earliest date: Dated by
Latest date: Lab Number
Latest date: 14C age (BP)
Latest date: Calibration None
Latest date: 14C age calibrated (BC)
Latest date: Date of calibration None
Latest date: Standard deviation None
Latest date: Delta 13C None
Latest date: Dated by
Period Reference
Settlement type flat site
Settlement structure houses: free-standing
Settlement building type
Settlement building shape rectangular
Settlement building technique foundation trench
mud brick
Settlement archaeological features bothros
clay floor
paved area
waste pit
Cave/rockshelters type None
Cave/rockshelters: Evidence of graves/human remains
Cave/rockshelters: Evidence of occupation
Quarry exploitation type None
Quarry raw material
Cemetery/graves topography
Cemetery/graves mortuary features
Grave: number of graves
Grave type
Grave: type of human remains
Grave: estimated number of individuals
Grave: age groups
Grave: sexes
Grave: number of female sex None
Grave: number of male sex None
Grave: number of not specified sex None
Grave: disturbance of graves
Description The settlement structures were found 1969 and 1970 during the excavations at the "Forum West" near the Roman temples G, H and J. In the courtyard of the house a great amount of little holes was found on the clay floor. They probably can be seen in the context of a craft activity.
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