Area 140

Main Information
Area ID 140
Site Cave of Lakes at Kastria
Area type cave or rockshelter
Area NR
Period Central and Southern Greece, Cyclades/Alram-Stern 1996: Late Neolithic II 4800 - 4600
Central and Southern Greece, Cyclades/Alram-Stern 1996: Chalcolithic/Final Neolithic 4600 - 4000
Dating method material culture
radiocarbon dating
Radiocarbon dated yes
Earliest date: Lab Number
Earliest date: 14C age (BP) None
Earliest date: Calibration yes
Earliest date: 14C age calibrated (BC) 4600
Earliest date: Date of calibration None
Earliest date: Standard deviation None
Earliest date: Delta 13C None
Earliest date: Dated by
Latest date: Lab Number
Latest date: 14C age (BP) None
Latest date: Calibration yes
Latest date: 14C age calibrated (BC) 4300
Latest date: Date of calibration None
Latest date: Standard deviation None
Latest date: Delta 13C None
Latest date: Dated by
Period Reference
Settlement type None
Settlement structure
Settlement building type
Settlement building shape
Settlement building technique
Settlement archaeological features
Cave/rockshelters type cave
Cave/rockshelters: Evidence of graves/human remains
Cave/rockshelters: Evidence of occupation clay structure
Quarry exploitation type None
Quarry raw material
Cemetery/graves topography
Cemetery/graves mortuary features
Grave: number of graves 1
Grave type pit grave
Grave: type of human remains inhumation
Grave: estimated number of individuals 1
Grave: age groups
Grave: sexes
Grave: number of female sex None
Grave: number of male sex None
Grave: number of not specified sex None
Grave: disturbance of graves
Description Large pieces of unbaked or semibaked clay were found inside the cave and seem to belong to a floor or a roof of a kiln. The burial was found along the wall of the natural rock. The individual was buried on his back and had stones put around his body. A few sherds, obsidian and flint were found beside the remains and could have saved as a kind of grave good. In the Middle Bronze Age and Mycenaean period the cave was used for burials as well. Seven individuals were packed into a niche near the rocky wall.
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