Finds 445

Main Information
Finds ID 445
Site Cayönü
Area ID 173 settlement
Research event excavation: research The Cayönü Excavations 1964 - 1991
Finds type animal remains
Small finds category None
Small finds type
Botany species
Animal remains species bird ()
brown bear (Ursus arctos)
fish (None)
hare (Lepus timidus)
hare (Lepus europaeus)
pig (Sus scrofa domesticus)
red deer (Cervus elaphus)
red fox (Vulpes vulpes)
wild boar (Sus scrofa)
wild goat (Capra aegagrus)
wild sheep (Ovis orientalis)
Animal remains completeness incomplete
Animal remains part unknown
Lithics technology
Lithics industry
Lithics cores and preparation
Lithics retouched tools
Lithics unretouched tools
Lithics raw material
Obsidian None
Obsidian amount None
Pottery form
Pottery detail
Pottery decoration
Pottery type None
Confidence 5
Comment At this stage diet is mainly dependent on hunting and gathering. Among the most hunted species the wild boar is first in line (an average of 40%). Followint the boar are wild cattle, deer, wild sheep, and goat. Apart from these, onagers, bears, foxes, hares, small mammals, and some birds were also hunted and fish were caught. A few domesticated pigs are also seen.
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