Interpretation 103

Main Information
Interpretation ID 103
Site Pınarbaşı B
Area ID 808 cave or rockshelter
Finds ID 1964 animal remains
Description the animal finds indicate a significance of hunting and suggest that this was a regular camp-site for hunters and herders; domestic sheep remains (from fills within the structure); the many sheep fetuses indicate death and/or killing of pregnant ewes along with dead neonates --> that may suggest resource stress, e.g. fodder shortage or human-related local resource restrictions, or on the other hand plentiful stock; there were also dead sheep neonates, which could represent strategies related to enhancing milk yield for human consumption, but its efficacy is debatable; also bones of 13 to 16 month old sheep were found --> indicates a seasonal signature for February to April; perinatal remains and shed deciduous teeth of lambs suggest that the animals were kept in close proximity to the camp-sites; caprine remains (and remains of young fox and migratory birds) suggest autumn to early spring culling;
Production type
Subsistence type animal husbandry