Interpretation 40

Main Information
Interpretation ID 40
Site Demirköy
Area ID 26 settlement
ID 27 cemetery or grave
Finds ID 73 botany
ID 74 animal remains
ID 75 animal remains
Description Hunting and gathering seems to continue as the mode of subsistance and its focus appears to be relatively unchanged from the patterns practiced at Hallan Cemi. The exploitation of grasses continues to play a relatively minor role at the Demirköy community's subsistance system. Whether the rudimentary husbandry of pigs that appears to have been practiced at Hallan Cemin continues at Demirköy remains to be determined, though the smaller sample size of the faunal assemblage from Demirköy makes it unlikely that a clear answer to that question will emerge from the available data.
Production type
Subsistence type gathering