Site Körtik Tepe

Main Information
Site ID 50
Name of the site Körtik Tepe
Alias name
Alternative name
District Diyarbakir
Region Southeastern Anatolia
Country Turkey
Period Anatolia Pre-Pottery Neolithic A 10200 - 8800
Anatolia Pre-Pottery Neolithic A 10200 - 8800
Topography hill
Geographical Coordinate Reference System WGS84 - World Geodetic System 1984
Latitude 37.814195000000
Longitude 40.984472000000
Elevation 554
Exact location yes
Coordinate source OREA
Number of activity periods 2
Comment Körtik Tepe is located in the administrative district of Bismil, province of Diyarbakn near the small hamlet of Pinarbasi of the Agil Village (Ancolini), at the contluence of Batman Cay with the Tigris, about 30 km to the west of Batman in Southeast Anatolia; the environmental setting of this landscape is evidently defined by the Tigris system. With its approximate height of 5 m above the plain and an average area of 100 x 150m, the mound has the appearance of a low hill. Locally known as Kotuk or Kotik Tepe, the mound was first discovered during a surface survey conducted in 1989 and was evaluated as a site of a later date. The excavations revealed the presence of two main cultural stages at the mound that can easily be distinguished, both through their architectural remains and their particular material assemblages. The first of the two phases is the Medieval period; the second, although much disturbed throughout the mound, is the Pre-Pottery Neolithic period, extensively represented by architectural remains, graves, and burial gifts. The use of the mound as a field in recent years also caused disturbance of the culturallayers, especially of the Medieval remains to such a degree that in some areas the Neolithic deposits became almost exposed in the topsoil. ln some of the areas, later graves dug deep into the mound have also been the cause of disturbance to Neolithic layers; thus, occasionally, in some trenches late and early hurials have been encountered tagether in the same level. ln spite of all these destructive agencies, it has still been possible to obtain sufficient data to draw a comprehensive picture of the various aspects of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic culture at Körtik Tepe.
Location of the Site

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Areas in this Site
ID 75 settlement Anatolia Pre-Pottery Neolithic A 10200 - 8800
ID 79 cemetery or grave Anatolia Pre-Pottery Neolithic A 10200 - 8800