Site Hakemi Use

Main Information
Site ID 94
Name of the site Hakemi Use
Alias name Harem-i Use
Alternative name Hakemi Use Tepesi
District Diyarbakir
Region Southeastern Anatolia
Country Turkey
Period Anatolia Late Neolithic
Anatolia Late Neolithic
Description Hakemi Use is a settlement-mound located within the borders of Tepe, Bismil District, in the province of Diyarbakir. The settlement is ca. 70km along the Diyarbakir-Batman hightway, 12km southeast of Bismil, on the north side of the Bismil-Tepe highway. The mound, 544m above sea level, is located on the southern bank of an old bed of the Tigris River, and it is ca. 120m in diameter and 4m in height. Hakemi Use was first recorded during surface surveys carried out in the region at the end of the 1980s and notes as "Hakemi Use Tepesi" dating to the Late Neolithic period. The site was later revisited at the end of the 1980s by the excavation team working at Üctepe. A fragment of a vase with a nipple-base of the Late Assyrian period, collected on the mound, was published as a find from "Usotepesi". Since the area has been cultivated for many years, the upper layers of the site are highly disturbed. Ther is another settlement revealing Medieval ceramics on the surfae, some 200m to the east of the main settlement. Excavations have been carried out in a number of trenches, 10x10m, on the northern side of the settlement along the former bed of the Tigris River. Undisturbed archaeological deposits encountered in seven of the trenches reviealed the stratigraphic sequence of the site; the three main phases thus recorded are as follows: Period I (EIA/Late Assyrian Period), Period II (LBA/Middle Assyrian Period), Period III (LN (Hassuna/Samarra Period).
Topography hill
Geographical Coordinate Reference System None
Latitude None
Longitude None
Elevation None
Exact location no
Coordinate source None
Number of activity periods 3
Comment The name of Hakemi Use arose from the designation "Yusuf Tepesi" attributed to the mound by the locals from the name of Yusuf, the former owner of the field in which the mound is located; in time the site came to be known as "Harem-i Use". To avoid confusion, the excavation team decided to use the already published name of the site, Hakemi Use, however, without affixing the word "Tepesi", as in this case "Tepe" has the same meaning as "Harem".
Areas in this Site
ID 149 settlement Anatolia Late Neolithic
ID 150 cemetery or grave Anatolia Late Neolithic