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Total results: 3093
ID finds type site name pottery detail pottery decoration
59 animal remains Hallan Cemi
60 botany Hallan Cemi
62 None Hallan Cemi
63 small finds jewellery Demirköy
64 small finds tool Demirköy
65 pottery Bowl Pyrgos Incised (Γ2)
Monochrome undecorated (B1)
White on red (Β3α1)
66 lithics Demirköy
67 small finds figurine Pyrgos
68 small finds tool Demirköy
69 small finds jewellery Demirköy
70 small finds tool Pyrgos
71 small finds figurine Demirköy
72 pottery Demirköy
73 botany Demirköy
74 animal remains Demirköy
75 animal remains Demirköy
76 pottery Collared Jar Sesklo
77 pottery Globular Jar Sesklo Impresso (A2)
Monochrome red (A1)
Monochrome undecorated (B1)
Plastic decoration
78 pottery Dimini Bowl Dimini
79 pottery Amphora Dimini Strap Handle
Incised (Γ2)
80 pottery Globular Jar Dimini Incised (Γ2)
81 pottery Askos Dimini Incised (Γ2)
82 small finds jewellery Dimini
83 small finds figurine Dimini
84 animal remains Dimini

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